5 Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home

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5 Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Every single year the United States will see upwards of 5 – 6 million homes sold on the real estate market. The real estate market can ebb and flow but at the end of the day, people are buying homes and you want to be one of them. If you are a homebuyer, or you plan on being one soon, you should be prepping yourself for an exhausting but hopefully rewarding process. Some people will look at 20 or 30 homes before they end up making a purchase. Other buyers will end up purchasing the first home that they see. There are no definitive rules to the process of home buying but there are some signs that your search may be coming to an end. Listed below are five signs that you’ve finally found your dream home.

1. The house ‘checks all of the boxes’.

For most people the act of buying a home constitutes the biggest financial decision of their entire lives. It makes complete sense to approach the purchase with a list of requirements. Some of the most common items that people look for when buying a home include a second bathroom, a basement, and a nice back yard. So when you find a home that capably checks off all of these boxes you know you are on the right track to getting the house of your dreams. Now, can a home tick all of the boxes and still not be the right one? Absolutely! Your list, which you should make while consulting your realtor, is simply a set of guidelines to keep you focused. You might end up loving a home with only one bathroom and a small backyard. It’s all part of the process. Still, rely on your list first and then follow your gut.

2. You feel like the property is yours even before you buy it.

When I bought my first home it came at the tail end of a long and exhausting process. We had looked at just short of 50 homes over the span of a couple months time. Even as tired as I was, and as close to losing my mind as I was, I still felt that spark inside of me when I walked into my dream home. Would this home have leapt off of the paper for anyone else? I have no idea but I knew that I loved the house at first sight and this was verified later that night. When I left the home after my first showing I instantly found myself wanting to take care of the property while worrying that something would happen to it before I could purchase it. This sense of possession, which arrived so suddenly, felt the same as that insatiable craving that comes on when you watch the Food Channel. This was a clear cut signal — I had found my home.

3. You begin to think about your future in the home.

There is pretty much nothing more powerful than the human imagination. We have the ability to create futures simply by looking into a room. When you find yourself going room to room in a home while actively imagining your life five or ten years down the line, you might have found the one. While you walk around the home and mentally input your own furniture and decorations you are establishing a mental ownership of the building. Your dream home is so much more than just a building with pretty rooms and an appealing backyard. Your dream home is where you will establish the next part of your life’s journey.

4. You talk about the property with friends or family.

Remember when you went over to your friends house after your first big date? They wanted to know all of the details about the night: did you hold their hand, did you kiss, did you make them laugh, will there be another date — etc. Finding ‘the home’ is sort of like coming back from that first magical date.  You will want to talk to everyone you know about it. You’ll want to tout all of the beautiful aspects of the property (“There’s a second bathroom! There’s an arched ceiling. There’s a reading nook!”) and you’ll flatly ignore any discussions relating to possible flaws. This is the magical home you’ll end up buying and you’ll make sure that everyone else knows about it.

5. You quit seeing other houses.

No matter if you’ve seen two other showings or fifty, when you quit scheduling new outings with your realtor then you know that things are getting serious. Once you’ve locked in on ‘the one’ you will want to do nothing but get the paperwork rolling and start moving on  toward making an offer. You won’t want to spend entire days with your realtor looking at other homes no matter how exciting it used to be. At this point you’ve fallen head over heels. You’ve found your new home and nothing is going to change your mind about it.

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