Hidden Sins of Home Selling: Avoid These Gaffs to Sell Your Home!

Trial and error, cause and effect. There are repercussions for everything in life and that holds particularly true for the real estate market. When you go to sell a home you have to enhance the beneficial aspects of your house: the nice sized yard, the hardwood flooring, the extra bathroom. These are big benefits that are hard to miss and, ultimately, not worth stressing about. What you should worry about instead are the small mistakes that could sink your home sale. Listed below are some of the most frequent hidden sins of home selling — gaffs that will certainly kill a deal.

DON’T use round, full numbers for a sale price.

While $90,000 looks nice and clean next to your house listing it also looks way too general and random to prospective buyers. Studies show that asking for specific, iron clad amounts tend to lead to better overall sales and more fruitful negotiations. Having a specific price, like $91,200, makes you look like a prepared seller. You’ve done your homework and you are ready to get every last dollar in the deal.

Remember: You get to set the price. You can set a strong listing number that portrays confidence and preparedness.

ALWAYS stage your house before a showing.

If you are serious about selling your home then you need to get into the habit of staging it before a showing. Staging your home typically entails having a professional crew come onto the property in order to set it up as if someone were living there. A study done by Coldwell Banker showed that staged homes sold in half of the time of non staged homes. An additional survey done by over 2,000 realtors from varying markets, the 2009 Home Gain Survey, showed that the investment of home staging sees a 586% ROI — not bad, right?

Remember: It never hurts to ask for help. A professional home staging company has enough experience to know what to do with your home. Having a fresh set of eyes on your house can open up completely new opportunities for potential sales.

NEVER overload potential buyers with fragrance.

There are a number of reasons as to why you would want to keep your home smelling fresh and clean when visitors come calling. However, most of these reasons don’t apply in the case of selling your home. When selling a home it is best to have a simple, clean fragrance in the background. You want the house to smell nice but you don’t want the smell to be noticed. So put away any thoughts of your lilac infused, ginger and pine candle collection. Instead opt for a simple and clean smell that doesn’t distract the buyer and certainly doesn’t turn them off. Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world for a reason, so keep things plain and unoffensive.

Remember: Everybody has an opinion when it comes to how we perceive smell. Sticking to something inane and unobtrusive is a great choice. You don’t want to make risky decisions when it comes to selling your home.

ALWAYS pay attention to your curb appeal.

It’s common knowledge that most buyers have made a decision regarding a home before they even step through the front door. Potential buyers will scope out the neighborhood, your front yard, and your doorstep in order to form an opinion before even getting into your house. So you need to spend an inordinate amount of time making sure that your curb appeal is up to snuff. Hire professional landscapers to come in and dress your front yard. Keep your sidewalk and driveway swept clean and make sure that you don’t have any ‘projects’ on display out front, like a busted gutter or loose screen door. Give yourself the absolute best chance to succeed.

Remember: A first impression is more important than a lasting impression when it comes to selling a home. If a buyer is happy walking up to the door then they will stay happy as they explore the rest of the home.

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