Sell Your House Today: 5 Keys To Generating Offers

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Sell Your House Today: 5 Keys To Generating Offers

Selling a house is a simple prospect at its core: you have something that other people want and you need to motivate them to purchase it. Though some home sellers have tremendous success selling their property, this is most definitely not the law of the land. You will see homes sit on the real estate market for months, maybe even years, before ever getting sold while other houses get snatched up the minute they hit the market. You can’t force someone to buy a home but you can help make it easier for them. Your end game should be to pull in as many offers as possible because that is the only way the house will ever get moved. Listed below are 5 keys to generating the type of offers that will get your house sold.

1. Make your home accessible.

This tip is far more complex than it actually appears at face value. The only way you are ever going to get your home sold is if you have people actively looking through it. Showings are the lifeblood of home sales and you will want to make sure that realtors have all of the access that they need in order to get their clients inside of the building. This means that you need to eliminate any potential restrictions that you might face when showing a home.  Consider what it is like to be a realtor and a home buyer: You are working on a time constraint while trying to see as many homes as possible. If one house gives you trouble gaining access then there are dozens of others that will take its place.

2. Understand your comps and price your house appropriately.

Home sellers need to understand that the market dictates the price of their home more than anything else. Though you may feel like your house is valued at a certain price, say $450,000, the comparables that realtors pull up might show it as valued at only $420,000. When it comes to pricing your house for sale you have to lean in to these comps and use them as your baseline. If you decide to price your home above the threshold set by the market then you need to be prepared to watch it sit for awhile before adjusting your sale price. Be aware that constant price adjustments will show you as a weak seller and this will invite low ball offers.

Your best bet when pricing your home is to set it up at a slight discount. If your target is $450,000 then consider setting it up for sale at $440,000 or something akin to that number — obviously using your realtor as a source of guidance. There is some very real psychology behind the way that consumers see numbers, prices, and perceived ‘deals’ and catering to that psychology will help you load up on home offers. The goal in pricing your house low is to invite multiple buyers to bid against one another, ultimately leaving you as the biggest beneficiary when the property is finally sold.

3. Focus on year round curb appeal.

You wouldn’t wear cargo pants to prom and you shouldn’t try to sell your house while it looks like a disaster from the street. Potential buyers have typically made up their mind on a piece of property before they even get out of their car. First impressions are the absolute best way to either win or lose a buyer so you need to do everything that you can in order to maximize the potential at first glance. You can do this by addressing your curbside appeal and throwing money into making the home look inviting. Look into landscaping, no matter the season, while fixing up all of those little rough spots in your yard. Do you need to paint the old shed in back? Would the house benefit from laying down some yard decorations? Can you re-paint the front door? These little fixes add up to create the sort of goodwill that gets your house sold. Some people like to slack off as the year moves on but this should be when you are most focused.

4. Perfect the interior of the home.

There are two schools of thoughts in the real estate world when it comes to selling a home and you’ll have to decide where you land: Do you want to professionally stage the inside of the home or would you rather leave it empty and open for interpretation? Some realtors advise against putting in staged furniture while others believe that it gives a sense of space to unimaginative buyers. No matter which way you end up going, you need to make sure that you show the home well. This means that you need to have the home so clean as to be described immaculate. Hire professional cleaners to come in and deep clean everything. You’ll want the carpet fresh, the tile shining, and the wood polished. You’ll want cobwebs pulled from every nook and cranny and you’ll want paint touched up throughout the house. Your home should look like an exhibit dedicated to the most cleanly person in the world. Trust us, buyers will enjoy coming into a home that smells fresh and looks even fresher. Always get a cleaning done before a showing and you’ll reap the benefit in the form of multiple offers.

5. Perfect the art of patience.

The dream goal in selling your house should be acquiring an offer in the first week that meets all of your pricing expectations. The next best thing would be a steady stream of showings that eventually leads to a sale. The worst thing that can happen, and which is surprisingly common, is having to suffer through multiple dry spells with few showings and fewer offers. No matter what route your home selling experience ends up taking you will want to be patient and stay focused on the end goal. As you wait for showings and offers you should have a dialog opened up with your realtor. You can use this dialog to make any corrections that you need in relation to getting the house moved from the market. You may have to adjust your price or schedule more open houses. No matter what you decide to do just trust in the process and see it through. The sense of relief and enjoyment you feel when signing the house over is second to nothing.

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